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Why Go Out When You Can Have A Great Pub In Your Home?

Alliance Woodworking knows you work hard so why not have some custom touches in your home. Your bar can be a welcome getaway at the end of a long day. Here are some things to consider with planning a home bar.



When it comes to décor, there are a lot of options. If you are a sports fan, then you may have some items with your favorite team logos or perhaps a signed and framed pic of a player you have met? A stained glass style lamp with your team name incorporated into the design can look upscale and sporty at the same time.


Bar stools are made in many designs. If you don’t like a basic armless stool, then consider a swiveling, padded, and armed version for ultimate comfort. A leather and nail head look can make your pub have a more vintage look. A few larger chairs and a small table can be a welcome addition for when you want to spread out more.

Bar Top

For a rustic look, you may want a solid slab with a clear epoxy coating that is easy to clean. Others may prefer to have a wood framework but granite countertops. Granite comes in a lot of different colors so don’t think you are stuck with just a few choices. A live edge slab can make for a rustic cabin look.


If you have a particular interest in wine for example, you may want your bar to incorporate an extensive wine rack or even a wine fridge or two. An over the head glassware rack can make the best use of your space and allow for easy access when you are serving your guests or yourself.

Custom Cabinets And Molding

Cabinets that fit your space perfectly are achievable with a call to Alliance Woodworking. We offer beautiful crown molding installation and home renovations. Let us help you create a space for you to relax at the end of a long day.

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The Perfect Closet Is Within Reach

Organizing your wardrobe and other personal items can sure make life a lot easier. Alliance Woodworking is experienced at creating custom cabinet solutions that fit your needs exactly.

A Closet That Is All About You

We believe a closet should be unique as you. Someone with a lot of shoes is going to need a closet with a different design than someone that has a lot of dresses. Our craftsmen are great at listening to what your organizational needs and concerns are and creating a closet that allows you to get to your clothing and accessories with ease. No more searching forever to find a specific shirt!

Beautiful Real Hardwood

Hardwood closets are made to last for generations. We can design your closet using any hardwood you want. For those that want painted cabinets, there is poplar which is less expensive than oak. We can also stain the wood to any shade that you desire.

The Best Craftsmanship

When it comes to your home remodel, you deserve the best. Alliance Woodworking offers custom millwork, so each project we do is all about you and your needs. No matter what space you have, we are sure that we can help you do great things with it.

Better Use Of Space

Existing closets are not always as organized and easy to use as they should be. If you already have a closet, we can design custom cabinets and shelving that allows you to fully utilize the space. The better organization also reduces the chances that you will just haphazardly throw items into your closet.

Those Extra Touches

Who says that a closet cannot be beautiful? A walk in closet can allow for many different amenities such as a chair or bench for getting dressed or full-length mirrors. Extra touches can make all the difference. If you have to own a lot of different types of clothing, it is important to have a closet that allows you to take good care of them.

Designing Your Closet

Alliance Woodworking is here to help you get the closet of your dreams. Contact us today for a consultation and quote.

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The Home Office You Need For Maximum Productivity

There are many advantages to having a well organized and laid out home office space. Here are some things to consider with designing your space.

Desk Size

If you use a laptop, then you might want your desk to be smaller to allow for a more spacious feel in your office. Desktop users may have specific desires for a cabinet that is vented and hides their computer tower.


Drawers And Storage

The modern office doesn’t necessarily need a lot of space to store books, files, or other physical documents. If you have a mostly virtual document based office, then a few drawers and a shelf or two may be all that is needed.


If you have an outdated home office set up then, you might be in a situation where you have filled your room with things you don’t need or use. You may very well be amazed just how much space you have in your office.

Spacious Feel And Look

An uncluttered office can be a lot more pleasant to work in because you don’t feel cramped. Having too much stuff in a space can make it seem darker and more oppressive. Less clutter means more light.

Lighting Upgrade

The type of light you have in your office can have a major effect on your productivity and comfort. If you want to keep fluorescent lighting but make it softer, wooden light boxes can be added to your office for a reasonable price. LED bulbs can provide a longer lifespan and a better lighting experience.

Increasing Your Productivity

If you work from home regularly, then a well-appointed office can significantly increase your productivity overall. You may quickly find that your upgrades have paid for themselves. Now is the time to ditch the low-quality budget desk you bought years ago and replace it with one made just for you.

Achieving Your Dream Office

Our custom cabinets and shelves can ensure that your space is well organized and incredibly stylish. Contact our expert craftsman today and share your vision of what you want your office to be.

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Custom Office Environments For Maximum Productivity


When your employees have a comfortable and nice place to work, they are far more likely to work hard to make your business successful. Alliance Woodworking offers custom milling and cabinet services to create an office that fits the mood and message of your business. Here are a few things to consider when it comes to planning an office remodel or an entirely new office.

Desks Designed For Function And Beauty

No matter what size office you have, you have a need for custom desks. Desks made from quality materials will give you a lifetime of service and style. Our desks can be attached to a wall, or you may choose a freestanding executive style desk.

Baseboards And Crown Molding

Too many office buildings are drab. You can make your business stand out with a stunning office. If you work from home, you still deserve a custom made office that offers comfort and function.

Sculpted baseboard installation can make your office look like something from the days gone by. If you have an older office space, we can create a look with baseboards and crown molding that preserves the era it hearkens from.

We Want To Know Your Goals

At Alliance Woodworking, we have a lot of experience creating fantastic functional office spaces of all types. If you want Arts and Crafts or if you are more a fan of a more modern look, we have you covered. Our team of craftsman can duplicate or create something custom for the look you want.

Ceiling Work

A lot of offices have ceilings that don’t offer much in the way of beauty. A custom ceiling and crown molding offers a classy look that will always be impressive. Our custom milling allows us to offer designs and products that you will not see just anywhere.

Craftsmanship That Lasts

When you settle for office furniture that comes from big box stores and major companies, it might look good for awhile but over time, it just will not hold up. Thin veneers can look pitted and worn in little time at a busy office. Rebuying furniture often costs more in the long term that a custom product.

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Cabinets For The Wine Enthusiast

At Alliance Woodworking, we take pride in helping people realize their home renovation dreams. If you are a wine collector, then custom cabinets can be the answer for you when it comes to hosting tastings and store your wine properly. Consider the following features are team of craftsman can offer your ideal wine bar.


Custom Racks

If you are a fan of natural cork then storing your wines in a tilted position because very important. There is little worse for the wine enthusiast than opening a fine vintage only to realize that it is spoiled. Racks that hold bottles on the side or tilted for display and have glass doors for temperature control can ensure that your wine ages well without being stored in a cellar.

Serving Bars

Part of the joy of wine is being able to share some great bottles with friends. A bar that allows you to have plenty of space to pour and serve your guests is essential for the wine enthusiast.


Custom cabinets allow for a wine bar to be fitted into almost any space. From the most basic small bar for 2-4 guests to a bar that can accommodate a crowd, we can provide beautiful cabinets in a variety of different hardwoods and finishes.

The Details

Custom millwork and mirrors can add glamor and authenticity to your wine bar. Overhead glassware racks can allow for great organization and means you can get the right glass in no time at all. Comfortable chairs or stools will make your wine tasting area a place that your guests look forward to with each visit.

Collaborate With Us

At Alliance Woodworking, you will find that our team of artisans is excited to create stunning woodwork that will be enjoyed for many generations to come. The size of the project does not matter to us because we put the same amount of dedication and craftsmanship into every project we do. Contact us today to get started on the wine bar you have always wanted.

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