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Bruno Romano

A Custom Cabinet and Millwork Specialist. That takes pride in every job done, small to large. Determined in providing the best customer service and quality woodworking to South Florida. You can Find me on Google+ and Twitter

The Best Summer To-Do List for a Home

The Best Summer To-Do List for your Home

Owning a home is a great experience, but it also requires a lot of work. Each new season brings with it a certain to-do list for homeowners that are wanting to make sure that there home looks great. Whether they want to put it on the market or have it look great for their own enjoyment, there are always things that a homeowner can be doing to improve the look of their home.

Summer brings with its own certain to-do list for those that are working on their home. Whether they are hoping to put new hardwood floors in their living room, new cabinets in the kitchen, or do some painting to make the house feel more like summer, there are all sorts of things that a homeowner can do for their home during the summer time.

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The Best Woods for Making Cabinets

 There are dozens of woods available for the use in kitchen cabinets, but some have certain strengths that make them the most popular.

Having the right wood is one of the most important parts of designing kitchen cabinets. For a homeowner putting together a new set of kitchen cabinets, one of the most important parts of the process is selecting the type of wood that they are going to use for the cabinets. There are dozens of woods available for the use in kitchen cabinets, but some have certain strengths that make them the most popular.

Some of The Strongest Wood for Cabinets

A homeowner that’s looking for the best kinds of cabinets is going to want to know the best types of wood for making cabinets. From cherry to maple wood, to oak and hickory, there are different kinds that can be used. But not all wood is created equal, and the wood of different trees has different properties.

A few of the most important variables for grading wood are its strength, its resistance to scratches and damaging, and how fade-resistant it is. These are things one needs to know if they are going to make an educated decision on their kitchen cabinets.

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Cost-Effective Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value

With the how the housing market goes, homeowners need to know that one of the best things they can do for their home in the year leading up to its sale is increase its value by upgrading the basics. Kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, baseboards; each of these is a perfect example of the little things that can be done to quickly improve the value of a home.

The best part about these investments is that they start paying off immediately. Having new mahogany cabinets can make a kitchen more enjoyable to cook in, and coffered ceilings can completely. Transform an entry-way. Knowing these simple tricks and investments can revolutionize a home’s appeal and aesthetics, to both the homeowner and to any potential buyers.

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Choosing a Glass Bathroom Vanity

custom bathroom vanity

Glass and mirrored vanities are nice looking for a variety of reasons. The glamour and charm are hard to deny. Here are some of the reasons you should choose glass for your vanity counter top.

Reflection Of Light

Glass vanities reflect the light beautifully resulting in a more well-lit bathroom area. This capability gives glass vanities a lot of sparkle and shine that looks upscale.

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