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Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities add the defining flare to your bathroom remodel. They often act as the center piece for the rest of the bathroom to be built around. They also allow for unique styles and limitless customization of virtually any combination. With careful planning and a little creativity, Alliance Cabinets & Millwork can help you choose the right vanity can add the perfect flare to your bathroom remodel.

Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

When you are deciding on what sort of vanity to put into your bathroom. The broadest choice to make is whether you would prefer a traditional styled bathroom vanity unit, or one that is more contemporary in design. Bathroom Vanity Cabinets also come in a wide variety of colors to meet the surrounding environment of your bathroom. White is a popular color for home owners who want an antique look and it goes great with darker walls and dark-tiled floors. Wood vanities are ideal in lighter bathrooms, particularly ones which are well lit. They are a popular choice among home owners who are looking to add a feel of formality and sophistication to their home. These types of vanities are available in cherry, oak, and walnut, and they often come with gloss finishes to add to their natural wood finish. The majority of wooden vanities are chemically treated to ward off water damage common to bathroom amenities.

Bathroom VanitiesBathroom VanitiesModern Vanities

Bathroom Vanity Sinks

  • Vessel sinks are like bowls that are usually mounted to the top of a countertop. The sinks can be used atop a regular vanity with or without storage underneath. For a more modern bathroom vanity design element, vessel sinks can also be mounted to floating or wall mounted vanities. These type of vanities can be found with some storage but most are made to look like floating shelves. Vessel sinks come in a wide array of materials, designs, shapes, and colors giving you an opportunity to use the sink as part of your décor. Some are simple and inexpensive, made of materials like porcelain or metal. Others are way more expensive and intricate, made of materials like granite, alabaster, and even blown art glass.
  • Framed sinks are commodity sinks that are usually installed on the counter top of a vanity. The sinks contain a metal rim or frame which is installed to create a seal between the counter top and the sink. This type of sink isn’t very expensive and can be made of materials like porcelain, enameled cast iron, or pressed steel. Framed sinks are usually found in apartments and older homes. Drop-in sinks are similar to framed sinks in that they are inexpensive, installed to the top of a vanity counter, and usually made of materials. The most notable difference between the two types is that the drop-in sink is self-rimming or surface mounted with the help of an over-sized rim that easily drops into a hole on the counter top. The rim becomes the trimming and does not need to be framed out.
  • Under-mount sinks can only be installed to the underside of a solid counter top, preferably made of materials like stone or synthetic composites. The sinks are usually made of materials like porcelain enameled cast iron, metals like copper or stainless steel, or composite resin materials. Under-mount sinks are mostly found in newer construction or remodels because they have a clean and streamed lined look to them. The cost of these bathroom vanity sinks will vary greatly depending on the material you choose.

Modern Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities cabinets, may get expensive , but a bathroom can be considered an important part of your home because it is where you do your rituals and that allows you to feel good and look good. A custom vanity is something that will be economical and yet something that is stylish and appropriate for your personality. People do constantly go to the bathroom 24 hours and in 7 days a week so you cannot neglect the importance of it in your life. So spend money for your bathroom vanities and cabinets.

One popular design nowadays is the wall-hung contemporary bath vanity. It creates the idea of space and reduces the bulkiness that is common in traditional bath vanities. With this choice, you can achieve a more up-to-date design and look for your bathroom.

Regardless of your tastes or budget there are bathroom vanities that can create the perfect look and feel for your new bathroom. If you’re interested in some professional assistance for your upcoming bathroom renovation, Contact Us and gain immediate access to one of our bathroom remodeling specialists. Alliance Cabinets & Millwork can help you put together the bathroom of your dreams at a price you can afford.


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