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The Best Summer To-Do List for a Home

The Best Summer To-Do List for your Home

Owning a home is a great experience, but it also requires a lot of work. Each new season brings with it a certain to-do list for homeowners that are wanting to make sure that there home looks great. Whether they want to put it on the market or have it look great for their own enjoyment, there are always things that a homeowner can be doing to improve the look of their home.

Summer brings with its own certain to-do list for those that are working on their home. Whether they are hoping to put new hardwood floors in their living room, new cabinets in the kitchen, or do some painting to make the house feel more like summer, there are all sorts of things that a homeowner can do for their home during the summer time.

Home Improvement in the Summer

Re-Painting a Room

Painting a house is one of the most popular ways to improve a home. When it comes to painting the interior of a home, there are certain colors that work best in the summertime. Bright, intense colors are going to do a better job of absorbing the hot summer sun than more dull colors will. Reds and pinks work great during the summertime for those that are wanting to go for a look like that. Bright blues and greens will work great for the summer as well.

When it comes to painting a room, remember to be careful and not make any impulsive decisions. While you can always repaint, no one wants to go back and repaint their house four times a year every time the season changes.

Installing New Floors (replacing old ones!)

In the hot Florida sun, there are some flooring options that are going to work better in the summertime. Tile is going to work best, as the stone keeps a room cooler than carpet or wood does. Tile works great in a kitchen or in a bathroom, and some homeowners have used it in the living room as well. Wood flooring is another option for those that are trying to get away from carpet, or for those that don’t want tile in the living room. Either of these flooring options will keep a room cooler than carpeting will.

Our Favorite: Kitchen Remodeling

In many ways, the kitchen is the center of a home, so it pays to have a great-looking kitchen. One of the best ways to improve a home during the summer is to remodel the kitchen. There are multiple ways that this can be done. One of the most popular is bringing in new cabinets, which can really make the kitchen pop. It can also help to bring in new floors, either tile or wood. Bringing in a new sink is another great way to improve a kitchen.

The summer is one of the best times to redo a home. There are lots of chances to spend time at the house, and the weather is great so the windows can be let open to help paint and other things dry more quickly. Those that have been waiting for the opportune moment to redo their home can finally cash in. For home design and remodeling in South Florida, look to Alliance Home Design for all your home remodeling needs. Give us a call today at 954-944-3044!

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