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The Best Woods for Making Cabinets

 There are dozens of woods available for the use in kitchen cabinets, but some have certain strengths that make them the most popular.

Having the right wood is one of the most important parts of designing kitchen cabinets. For a homeowner putting together a new set of kitchen cabinets, one of the most important parts of the process is selecting the type of wood that they are going to use for the cabinets. There are dozens of woods available for the use in kitchen cabinets, but some have certain strengths that make them the most popular.

Some of The Strongest Wood for Cabinets

A homeowner that’s looking for the best kinds of cabinets is going to want to know the best types of wood for making cabinets. From cherry to maple wood, to oak and hickory, there are different kinds that can be used. But not all wood is created equal, and the wood of different trees has different properties.

A few of the most important variables for grading wood are its strength, its resistance to scratches and damaging, and how fade-resistant it is. These are things one needs to know if they are going to make an educated decision on their kitchen cabinets.

Maple Wood Material

One of the strongest woods available for custom cabinets in a kitchen is going to be from the maple tree. Maple is more expensive than other woods like oak or birch, but it’s one of the hardest and most durable woods used in making kitchen cabinets, which means that it’s going to be one of the strongest cabinets out there. It’s going to have a faint grain, and a light, natural color.

One thing that is good about maple is that it takes on darker stains well, though it needs to be properly sealed first to prevent the stain from looking spotted.

Most Durable

Cherry Wood Material

The downside of using cherry for cabinets is that it’s one of the most expensive woods out there. However, if it’s in one’s budget, it is going to look great in custom kitchen cabinets, thanks to its dark color and straight, fine grain.

Although cherry is one of the more expensive woods that can be used in making cabinets, it is one of the most durable and is going to stand the test of time. Those that are wanting to find the finest wood to put into their kitchen can’t go wrong with using cherry.

Oak is Certainly The Most Economical

Oak Wood Material

Although it’s nice to have a wood that’s durable, sometimes it’s more important to go with a wood that’s more economical. There are several different kinds of oak available, from red oak to white oak. Overall, oak is easy-to-clean and looks great, and is more affordable than the pricier options out there.

The kitchen cabinets are one of the most important investments that someone is going to make. There are a lot of things that go into helping someone decide between different kinds of wood, from style to affordability, and of course, durability. Those that are wondering, “What’s the best wood for kitchen cabinets?” may not get a clear-cut answer, but they can surely find a wood that fits their needs the most.

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