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Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

There’re a lot of people in 2017 looking to put their home up.

These days, many people watch shows like “Flip Flop” for inspiration in finding new ways to make additions or improvements to their home. Home renovation is fun and inspiring, but it can also be frustrating for those that aren’t familiar with the different kinds of upgrades that can help improve the value of a home.

The good news is that there are lots of places that can help someone learn new ideas. That’s one of the reasons why so many people watch “Flip Flop.” There are also home improvement magazines that have been used to gain a variety of ideas that homeowners can use to improve the value of their house.

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Cabinets For The Wine Enthusiast

At Alliance Woodworking, we take pride in helping people realize their home renovation dreams. If you are a wine collector, then custom cabinets can be the answer for you when it comes to hosting tastings and store your wine properly. Consider the following features are team of craftsman can offer your ideal wine bar.


Custom Racks

If you are a fan of natural cork then storing your wines in a tilted position because very important. There is little worse for the wine enthusiast than opening a fine vintage only to realize that it is spoiled. Racks that hold bottles on the side or tilted for display and have glass doors for temperature control can ensure that your wine ages well without being stored in a cellar.

Serving Bars

Part of the joy of wine is being able to share some great bottles with friends. A bar that allows you to have plenty of space to pour and serve your guests is essential for the wine enthusiast.


Custom cabinets allow for a wine bar to be fitted into almost any space. From the most basic small bar for 2-4 guests to a bar that can accommodate a crowd, we can provide beautiful cabinets in a variety of different hardwoods and finishes.

The Details

Custom millwork and mirrors can add glamor and authenticity to your wine bar. Overhead glassware racks can allow for great organization and means you can get the right glass in no time at all. Comfortable chairs or stools will make your wine tasting area a place that your guests look forward to with each visit.

Collaborate With Us

At Alliance Woodworking, you will find that our team of artisans is excited to create stunning woodwork that will be enjoyed for many generations to come. The size of the project does not matter to us because we put the same amount of dedication and craftsmanship into every project we do. Contact us today to get started on the wine bar you have always wanted.

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Cleaning and Maintaining Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen cabinets

Getting kitchen cabinets installed can be one of the more exciting parts about constructing or renovating a kitchen and home. As kitchen cabinets are installed and ready for use, they quickly become one of the staples of a great-looking kitchen. The exciting part about being in the market for some new cabinets is that they are long-lasting, especially when they are taken care of.

That is why it’s so important to properly clean and maintain the cleanliness of kitchen cabinets. The kitchen can be one of the dirtiest spaces in an entire home because of all that takes place there, and no one wants to invest in cabinets, just to watch them quickly deteriorate because they aren’t taken care of. The best way to keep kitchen cabinets looking great is not letting the grease and stains build up over time, but to stay on top of it.

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Custom Kitchen Design Ideas for 2016

If your kitchen needs a few updates, 2016 is your year. From new colors to new cabinets, take your kitchen to the next level in 2016 with these kitchen design ideas from industry experts.

Kitchen Design Ideas

50 Shades Of Gray

Gray is the new white, according to Better Homes and Gardens, so head to the paint department of your local hardware store and grab a few paint chips. You don’t need exactly 50 shades, but select at least 5 to give yourself a range of tones.

Rustic Meets Modern

Gray might be in, but black and white never goes out of style. Combine a classic black and white palette with rustic hardwood floors for a look that is timeless and totally 2016.

Function Over Form

At last, we finally have drawers that open at the touch of a button. Certain manufacturers carry these hydraulic beauties so that you no longer have to worry about keeping your drawers on track.

Automation Is In

If you thought hydraulic drawers were exciting, you’ll love the automated features popping up in 2016’s kitchens. From automated sinks and sensor-activated lights to meat thermometers that sync with your smartphone, automation is here to make your life easier.

Be Bold

Boldness is in this year. Bold fixtures and bold colors add the wow factor that your kitchen has been missing. Pair a brightly colored sink with oversize light fixtures for a dramatic look that will impress your guests.

Quartz Of Course

Quartz continues to be one of the top choices for kitchen countertops. The nonporous surface is resistant to heat, spills, and scratches, making it a logical choice for chefs and busy families.

Wood Makes A Bid On Counter Space

Combining countertop materials is trending. Wood compliments quartz, granite, and marble countertops for a naturally beautiful look that retains the functionality of stone with a touch of nature.

Embrace Your Open Floorplan

Open floorplans remain a defining kitchen trend. Don’t be afraid to let your kitchen blend with your living space. Match paint colors and consider incorporating similar décor for a seamless look.

Upgrade To Modern

You don’t have to completely overhaul your kitchen to achieve a modern look. Updating a few appliances is sometimes all it takes to bring your kitchen into the new century.

No matter what you choose to do with your kitchen in 2016, remember to make it yours. The kitchen is at the heart of many homes. Let your new design reflect that.

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Why Get Baseboard Installation?

baseboard installation benefits

Homeowners are deciding what investments to make into their home for the start of 2016. Some are looking to the exterior of the house, while others are looking at renovating the kitchen or a bathroom. Some homeowners who have recently moved into a new home may be wondering what kind of changes need to be made to make the house feel more like their own.

Some renovations to a house are going to be rather complicated. The good news is that others renovations can actually be fairly simple, especially when the right man is found to do the job. Some homeowners are asking what the benefits are of installing baseboards. Baseboards seem like a very simple thing and to some may even seem unnecessary. But baseboard are anything but unnecessary.

The Benefits of Baseboards

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