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What Is Millwork?

At Alliance Cabinets & Millwork, we pride ourselves on being able to provide customers with fine, custom-crafted millwork to look beautiful in any home.  However, not everyone knows what millwork is.  In order for you to understand why we’re the best millworkers for the job, you’ve got to understand what it is that we’re doing.


Traditionally, millwork refers to any woodmill-produced building construction, and woodmill-produced materials are generally what we offer at Alliance.  Over time, however, as cheaper materials have become available, millwork can also refer to building construction made with synthetics, plastics, and wood-adhesive composites.  Even these synthetics, though, are usually combined with some form of wood in order to be considered millwork. 

What Is It Used For?

In renovating your home, you may be looking for a lot of changes, and those changes are often matters of millwork.  Millwork is typically used for things like crown molding, baseboard molding, doors, window frames, and wood panelling.  With so many things covered under the blanket of millwork, you can trust Alliance to not only complete one part of your home’s renovation, but many.


Because millwork is typically made from woodmill products, it usually comes with a finish.  These finishes come in a variety of colors and shades, and with so much to choose from it can get a little overwhelming.  Our experienced contractors now only know what they’re doing with cabinets and home renovations, but they know what colors work together as well.  A recent trend in millwork finishing in homes has been to have varying colors, though it’s more common to keep your wood finish color consistent throughout your house.

Now that you may have a better idea of what millwork is, you can understand why Alliance is the best woodworking company for your home renovation.  With a wealth of knowledge and possibilities, we can give you the home you’ve always wanted.

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Why You Need Wall Unit Cabinets

A cabinet has many purposes within the home. Alliance Woodworking has built a lot of different styles of cabinets to suit walls in our customers home and businesses. Here are some of the advantages of custom cabinets that are made to fit your wall exactly.


Best Use Of Space

Cabinets can fill an entire wall if you desire maximum display space. A combination of shelves and cabinets is often utilized. These cabinets can make a smaller living room or den more organized. No matter the shape of your wall, there is a way to maximize the use of it. A steeply sloping or A-Frame style roof line can be challenging for those that want cabinets, but we can make it happen.

Displaying Collectibles

Those that want to display family dishes and heirlooms will enjoy a china cabinet made to order. Corner china cabinets can add a different touch to your room and help maximize your space. Glass fronts and shelves help reflect, so your treasures are displayed as stunningly as possible.

Closet Alternative

If you lack a built-in closet, then a wall unit cabinet system can offer a good alternative. You can have ample space to hang your clothing and even a section to organize shoes when not in use. Shelves can be sized to fit your needs, or you may choose to have at least some drawers so you can get to items easily.

Focal Piece Of The Room

A wall unit cabinet system can create an entertainment center in your home that is the focal point of the room. Using beautiful hardwood can add a lot of elegance and charm to your home. Wires and other electronic clutter can be easily hidden, so your home has a more polished look all the time.

The Best Spaces Are Custom Designed

Cabinets that come off the shelf at a big box home improvement store simply cannot offer the efficiency and quality that you get when your cabinets are custom made by an expert craftsman that takes pride in their work. Contact us today to get started designing your wall unit cabinets.

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Why Go Out When You Can Have A Great Pub In Your Home?

Alliance Woodworking knows you work hard so why not have some custom touches in your home. Your bar can be a welcome getaway at the end of a long day. Here are some things to consider with planning a home bar.



When it comes to décor, there are a lot of options. If you are a sports fan, then you may have some items with your favorite team logos or perhaps a signed and framed pic of a player you have met? A stained glass style lamp with your team name incorporated into the design can look upscale and sporty at the same time.


Bar stools are made in many designs. If you don’t like a basic armless stool, then consider a swiveling, padded, and armed version for ultimate comfort. A leather and nail head look can make your pub have a more vintage look. A few larger chairs and a small table can be a welcome addition for when you want to spread out more.

Bar Top

For a rustic look, you may want a solid slab with a clear epoxy coating that is easy to clean. Others may prefer to have a wood framework but granite countertops. Granite comes in a lot of different colors so don’t think you are stuck with just a few choices. A live edge slab can make for a rustic cabin look.


If you have a particular interest in wine for example, you may want your bar to incorporate an extensive wine rack or even a wine fridge or two. An over the head glassware rack can make the best use of your space and allow for easy access when you are serving your guests or yourself.

Custom Cabinets And Molding

Cabinets that fit your space perfectly are achievable with a call to Alliance Woodworking. We offer beautiful crown molding installation and home renovations. Let us help you create a space for you to relax at the end of a long day.

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The Perfect Closet Is Within Reach

Organizing your wardrobe and other personal items can sure make life a lot easier. Alliance Woodworking is experienced at creating custom cabinet solutions that fit your needs exactly.

A Closet That Is All About You

We believe a closet should be unique as you. Someone with a lot of shoes is going to need a closet with a different design than someone that has a lot of dresses. Our craftsmen are great at listening to what your organizational needs and concerns are and creating a closet that allows you to get to your clothing and accessories with ease. No more searching forever to find a specific shirt!

Beautiful Real Hardwood

Hardwood closets are made to last for generations. We can design your closet using any hardwood you want. For those that want painted cabinets, there is poplar which is less expensive than oak. We can also stain the wood to any shade that you desire.

The Best Craftsmanship

When it comes to your home remodel, you deserve the best. Alliance Woodworking offers custom millwork, so each project we do is all about you and your needs. No matter what space you have, we are sure that we can help you do great things with it.

Better Use Of Space

Existing closets are not always as organized and easy to use as they should be. If you already have a closet, we can design custom cabinets and shelving that allows you to fully utilize the space. The better organization also reduces the chances that you will just haphazardly throw items into your closet.

Those Extra Touches

Who says that a closet cannot be beautiful? A walk in closet can allow for many different amenities such as a chair or bench for getting dressed or full-length mirrors. Extra touches can make all the difference. If you have to own a lot of different types of clothing, it is important to have a closet that allows you to take good care of them.

Designing Your Closet

Alliance Woodworking is here to help you get the closet of your dreams. Contact us today for a consultation and quote.

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The Home Office You Need For Maximum Productivity

There are many advantages to having a well organized and laid out home office space. Here are some things to consider with designing your space.

Desk Size

If you use a laptop, then you might want your desk to be smaller to allow for a more spacious feel in your office. Desktop users may have specific desires for a cabinet that is vented and hides their computer tower.


Drawers And Storage

The modern office doesn’t necessarily need a lot of space to store books, files, or other physical documents. If you have a mostly virtual document based office, then a few drawers and a shelf or two may be all that is needed.


If you have an outdated home office set up then, you might be in a situation where you have filled your room with things you don’t need or use. You may very well be amazed just how much space you have in your office.

Spacious Feel And Look

An uncluttered office can be a lot more pleasant to work in because you don’t feel cramped. Having too much stuff in a space can make it seem darker and more oppressive. Less clutter means more light.

Lighting Upgrade

The type of light you have in your office can have a major effect on your productivity and comfort. If you want to keep fluorescent lighting but make it softer, wooden light boxes can be added to your office for a reasonable price. LED bulbs can provide a longer lifespan and a better lighting experience.

Increasing Your Productivity

If you work from home regularly, then a well-appointed office can significantly increase your productivity overall. You may quickly find that your upgrades have paid for themselves. Now is the time to ditch the low-quality budget desk you bought years ago and replace it with one made just for you.

Achieving Your Dream Office

Our custom cabinets and shelves can ensure that your space is well organized and incredibly stylish. Contact our expert craftsman today and share your vision of what you want your office to be.

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