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Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

There’re a lot of people in 2017 looking to put their home up.

These days, many people watch shows like “Flip Flop” for inspiration in finding new ways to make additions or improvements to their home. Home renovation is fun and inspiring, but it can also be frustrating for those that aren’t familiar with the different kinds of upgrades that can help improve the value of a home.

The good news is that there are lots of places that can help someone learn new ideas. That’s one of the reasons why so many people watch “Flip Flop.” There are also home improvement magazines that have been used to gain a variety of ideas that homeowners can use to improve the value of their house.

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Whimsical Ideas for Your Kitchen Renovation

kitchen model

Renovating your kitchen has become a fairly common home practice, and unfortunately, it seems as though designs are getting less and less inspired.  In an attempt to stay fashionable and modern, people are staying boring, and at Alliance Millwork and Cabinets, we don’t think boring cuts it.  Your kitchen should be a room in your house that you’re proud to say that you designed, and being original is a huge part of that.  Below, we want to make some suggestions as to how you can make your kitchen feel like something out of a catalogue.

Breakfast Nook

Having a more informal place to eat than the dining room table is something that a lot of homeowner’s love.  Having a small booth with a café table in your kitchen is a luxury that is certainly worth exploring.  Perfect for a quick breakfast, an intimate dinner, or even just extra counter space, a booth affords you both utility and design opportunity.  You can experiment with the benches themselves (perhaps a dark, sturdy wood like oak), the back cushions (whose coverings you can get in virtually any color or fabric design), and even the table when completing the area.  We recommend putting your café in a corner of your kitchen to allow for custom cabinetry to be installed above the nook area.

Tiny Kitchen

Some kids love to cook, and it’s a great skill to have.  Unfortunately, most kitchens just aren’t built to encourage their culinary genius.  The more vertically challenged among them can barely reach above countertops, let alone sauté on a stove.  If you’d like to encourage your child to become the chef you know they can be, consider building a smaller, more pared down version of your own kitchen that is more suitable to their needs.  Building an area of low countertops with tiny custom cabinets to house children’s sized dish ware, cook ware, and utensils is a whimsical, original way to show your child that you support their creativity.  And if originality is your goal in kitchen design, this is certainly something you won’t see in very many kitchens.  A project like a tiny kitchen can really highlight the value of using a custom cabinetry company, as we not only have the capability to redo your kitchen, but we can do it in exactly the style, and size, you want it.

For some people, their kitchen is their least utilized room in the house.  Maybe they’re not big on cooking or maybe they just prefer to order in, but regardless of your kitchen situation, it should be a room that you’re proud of.  Allow yourself to be inspired in renovating your kitchen and do things that are unconventional.  Make your kitchen renovation dreams a reality with Alliance Millwork and Cabinets.

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Hiring A Company That Does It All

home remodeling

When remodeling your home, it seems like there are is a virtually infinite number of things to think about.  Between floors, cabinets, tiles, rugs, furniture, light fixtures, and the countless other elements to take into consideration, it can be so overwhelming that a home renovation doesn’t even seem worth it.  However, those challenges begin to fall away when you hire professionals that know how to do just about everything.

Less Stress

At Alliance, we’re basically a one-stop shop for all of your remodeling needs.  Because we do everything ourselves, there’s no need to use multiple companies, running the risk of overcrowding and miscommunications in your home design.  You shouldn’t have to worry about scheduling when the molding guy is coming and when the cabinet guy will be finished.  At Alliance, our molding guy is our cabinet guy.  They’re also our wall unit guy, vanity guy, and bar guy.

Cost Effective

Dealing with only one company means that you have to spend much less money.  In home design, typically what costs so much is the principle cost of hiring a contractor.  Extra costs are expensive, but not nearly as much as the initial hiring cost, not to mention deposits you may have to put down on labor or the items purchased.  By going through one company, you’ll save a ton of money on fresh hires.

Quicker Process

In redesigning your home, having too many cooks in the kitchen can be a huge problem.  From the inception of design ideas to the final coats of paint, there’s no need to have several people involved in every action and every decision.  Trusting one company to take care of all of your remodeling needs can be difficult, but once you find one that you know does work it can be a godsend.  In working with us, you’ll be able to tell almost immediately how knowledgable we are and how committed we are to making your dreams become a reality.  We will work closely with you, eliminating the need to deal with outside entities, expediting the process and letting us do our jobs as well as possible.

Don’t try to juggle more than you have to when it comes to remodeling your home.  Alliance is here to hold your hand through the process of home design and make sure that your dreams come true.

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Crown Molding, Chair Rails and Wainscoting to Increase Value

crown molding in house

Crown molding, wainscoting, and chair rails. At Alliance Cabinets and Millwork, we do it all. Adding a touch of elegance to your home with quality millwork is a great investment to make it feel like a million bucks. Thankfully, it does not cost that much. If you are thinking about a cost-effective way to transform your home’s interior, consider adding crown molding, chair rails or wainscoting. They are just a few small touches that can go a long way to adding elegance and, perhaps more importantly, value to your home. So, what is the difference between chair rails and wainscoting?

Chair Rails vs. Wainscoting

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